Monday, March 1, 2010

Leave Your Blogging Link!

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves on the unanticipated journey of domestic adoption. We thought we were on our way to Ethiopia for our little one, but the Lord had other plans! (Go here to read more of our story!) Since embarking on domestic adoption, I have found it to be a bit more difficult to connect with other "domestic" families on the adoption blogging sphere! Many international agencies have support groups, listserves and other ways to encourage fellow adoptive families, plus u-tube is filled with international "Gottcha Day" videos. However, on the domestic side of seems to be more difficult to connect with families in the process. So, I decided to start a little site in hopes of connecting families on the journey AND advocating for children needing homes within the States! If you are in the process of a domestic adoption, leave your link! I am working on a blogroll of domestic families and reputable agencies..... I'd love any insight or experiences you have!

If you are or have adopted domestically, leave your link so we can all "meet"!